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Core Rack of the CABRI experimental nuclear reactor

ALSYMEX has been in charge of the industrialization studies and manufacturing of the CABRI reactor core rack following the RCC-MX rules. A dedicated team has been intensively involved including an IWE welding engineer, a NDT COFREND 2 certified engineer (helium tests and radiography), vacuum and cleanliness experts.

AREVA TAO project for oncology

The goal of the project consists in producing from thorium nitrate a radium isotope (224) in order to treat tumors which can not be cured at the time being.

ALSYMEX is in charge of design, manufacturing and on site installation of some of mechanical equipment of the production facility: reactor protections, dissolution tank…

Secured transport container AIDA

Manufacturing for CEA of containers for transportation of nuclear hazardous materials.

Guide tubes

Manufacturing for WESTINGHOUSE of 900MW Guide Tubes of nuclear power plant (EDF).