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Large Scientific Instruments

ALSYMEX in ITER project

High power lasers

For several decades, ALSYMEX has been involved in the French Megajoule Laser (LMJ) program. Offering innovative solutions and services that meet strict requirements, it is one of the CEA's main partners in the laser subsystems:

  • Design, production, clean room assembly and on-site integration of laser amplifying sections, transport lines and of key subassemblies of the frequency conversion system
  • Manufacturing of adaptive mirrors and protective panels for the experimental sphere…

ALSYMEX also maintains in operational condition various equipment parts of the laser chains.

Developed within the context of this key project of the French nuclear simulation program, this unique expertise is also used to respond to other demands of large high-power laser projects. ALSYMEX is therefore involved in the European ELI project, in particular in the Romanian pillar, being responsible, in particular, for the design, manufacture and on-site installation of mechanical and vacuum components of 1 to 10 PW laser beam transport systems.

Particle accelerators

Whether for fundamental research (nuclear and particle physics) or applied research (synchrotrons and neutron sources) ALSYMEX is involved in design and manufacture work for major particle accelerator programs.

It offers design and manufacturing services for mechanical components and subassemblies that comply with restrictive specifications in terms of dimensions, precision, pressure and cleanliness:

  • Assembly, in collaboration with the CEA, of the one hundred cryomodules found in the superconducting accelerator of the X-FEL free-electron laser under operation in Hamburg. Works were organized around eight special workshops, some in an ISO 4 ultra-clean environment, combining assembly, welding, inspection, vacuum, laser tracker metrology and handling expertise.
  • Design and manufacturing of cryomodule vacuum vessels for the superconducting accelerator of the European ESS neutron source under construction in Lund.
  • Manufacturing and assembly of the induction accelerating structures of a high power X-ray machine


ALSYMEX offers the scientific community mechanical and optomechanical assemblies integrated into ground or on-board telescopes. It has therefore been heavily involved in the construction of a prototype of a small size telescope (SST) for the future CTA European program for exploring the universe in gamma rays: production of metallic reflectors and support structures.

Experimental nuclear reactors

ALSYMEX is involved in the Jules Horowitz experimental fission reactor development program via the industrialization, manufacturing and assembly, in a dedicated workshop, of the reactor’s beryllium reflectors.

ALSYMEX is also involved in the main thermo-nuclear fusion programs, and specifically the ITER project. It offers a wide range of innovative solutions and services suited to the harsh environment of this test reactor:

  • Manufacturing of the torus and vacuum vessel cryogenic pumping systems
  • Design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of the poloidal field coils assembly and handling tools
  • Manufacturing of a prototype ion beam source for plasma heating
  • Design and manufacture of mechanical components for diagnostics
  • Series production of beryllium first wall blanket panels
  • Design and manufacture of prototypes of subassemblies for the tungsten divertor
  • Design and manufacture of plasma facing components for RF heating antennas
  • Design and manufacture of prototypes of tritium breeding modules