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ALSYMEX in nuclear energy

ALSYMEX's strategy in nuclear is to become a major player for large and complex projects regarding dismantling & decommissioning of nuclear reactors in France & abroad. In addition, ALSYMEX reinforces its position for the supply of large components for new-build research reactors. With a skillful team of engineers and technicians mobilized on site, ALSYMEX is able to take on large projects involving multi-disciplinary skill sets.

Below are some examples of our latest references:

Research reactors

Jules HOROWITZ Reactor (RJH) – TechniAtome

ALSYMEX has been involved for over ten years in the industrialization, manufacturing and installation of the reflectors for the core of the JHR research reactor, based in CEA Cadarache.


ALSYMEX has been a partner of the CEA since 2013 for the Hot Cell design of the GEN IV Sodium Fast Reactor project ASTRID. ALSYMEX develops the fuel handling tools and the manufacturing scenario for the hexagonal shape fuel element.

Dismantling and decommissioning


Since 2015, ALSYMEX has been in charge of the engineering, manufacturing and on-site assembly of the new fuel handling arm for the dismantling of the PHENIX French Sodium Fast Reactor, located at CEA Marcoule.


ALSYMEX was awarded for the design, manufacture and installation of mechanical equipment for the dismantling of the SUPERPHENIX sodium fast reactor. The scope of their involvement includes radioactive waste (RAW) conveyors, drum handling and a fully equipped workshop for large rotating plug cutting.