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Research infrastructures

ALSYMEX know-how and experience in mechanics, optics and system integration, its unique industrial tool gathering large dimension, high precision and cleanliness, are main assets to adress the demanding domain of Research Infrastructures: particle accelerators, high power lasers, experimental fusion reactors, astronomy, astrophysics.

Inertial confinement fusion

ALSYMEX has been in charge of the design, manufacturing and on site installation of the amplifying sections, including opto-mechanical components and associated metallic infrastructures, of the multi petawatt PETAL laser (CEA-Fr).

Magnetic confinement fusion

ALSYMEX has manufactured the new generation of the Tore Supra ICRH antenna Farady screen.  Made out of stainless steel and coated with boron carbide, it protects the antenna from plasma radiation and prevent plasma from contamination with metallic impurities. It is cooled with pressurized water (35 bars at 220°C).

ALSYMEX is as well in charge of manufacturing of the metallic (stainless steel and opper-chrome-zirconium) parts of the ITER First Wall Panel prototype.

Material science

ALSYMEX has been awarded by CEA for the integration works of the XFEL cryomodules. Following processes defined and qualified by DESY and CEA, and using components provided by various partners of the project, ALSYMEX will deploy a team of up to 30 people to perform clean room and “regular” assembly works prior to delivery of the 80 cryomodules on the Hamburg site.