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Hydraulic press for pressing active powders

Hydraulic press for pressing active powders - ALSYMEX

ALSYMEX has a unique know-how in designing and developing hydraulic presses and in pressing particularly reactive powders. Fostering its extensive intellectual property it meets customers individual specifications in terms of reliability, productivity, size, and maintainability.

These presses are used to manufacture different types of pellets, either of cylindrical or parallelepipedal shape, to be afterwards sintered. Dimensional accuracy is predetermined and surface finish must be perfect.

ALSYMEX's experience makes it possible to offer complete solutions, including design and manufacture of:

  • up-line installations to prepare powder for pressing;
  • complete presses, certified for operation in explosive environment, together with their PC supervised control equipment;
  • down-line control stations to check pellet dimensions (laser) and surface finish (camera);
  • palletizing systems to transfer pellets to sintering furnaces.

ALSYMEX designs hydraulic presses of more than 500 tons capable of producing one to nine pellets per cycle (up to nine as a standard; more on request). The die-holding tool is fitted with a sealed oil pressure compensator to ensure that pressing is well distributed on every punch.

Upon request, the press is fitted with a fixed or floating matrix.

Specificities of ALSYMEX presses lie in the fact that they are especially sturdy and accurate and are perfectly designed to meet specific requirements and constraints related to nuclear environments.