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Technologies & Industrial Means

With more than 20 000 m2 on three sites, ALSYMEX offers an unique manufacturing capability including:

  • machining workshops equipped with turning (both horizontal and vertical), boring, milling and rectifying machines, presses, electro-erosion. One of these workshops is fully air conditioned (20°C +/- 0.5) and allows for machining of large dimension (up to 10 meters), high precision parts;
  • 3D control rooms;
  • welding workshops: TIG, MIG, Plasma, MIG on up to several mm thicknesses, folding and bending of metals and metallic tubes and pipes;
  • a 1800 m2 clean room, including 600 m2 ISO5 and 300 m2 ISO8: integration of RF and opto-mechanical sub-assemblies, electrical and optical cabling, dimension controls, vacuum tests, optical characterisation.

High grade stainless steel, aluminium and alloys, copper and alloys, invar, titanium are commonly worked out.

Drawing on these proven capabilities and means, ALSYMEX can as well deploy dedicated teams on customer sites to provide installation, commissioning and long term maintenance services.