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ALSYMEX unites the expertise, industrial means and facilities of six former ALCEN subsidiaries: ALSYOM, ALYNOX, ATMOSTAT, CHAMPALLE, SEIV and SIRATECH.

In the fields of Defense & Security, Energy, Aeronautics & Space and Large Scientific Instruments, ALSYMEX provides its customers with recognized high quality services and solutions:

  • Project management
  • Feasibility studies
  • Engineering for multi-process and multi-material welding and machining
  • Scientific calculations in mechanics, thermo-mechanics, seismicity and optics
  • Design and manufacture of large dimension, high-precision mechanical and opto-mechanical complex systems, often with severe vacuum and cleanliness constraints
  • Non-destructive testing: 3D, contact-free, tightness & penetrant testing
  • On-site installation and commissioning
  • Long-term maintenance


ALSYMEX is organized around two managing directorates:

Program Directorate, in charge of:

  • Program management
  • System engineering

Operations Directorate in charge of:

  • Design and industrialization
  • Manufacturing and control
  • ISO5 to ISO8 clean room assembly
  • On-site services (installation, commissioning and long-term maintenance)


Quality management systems of all four subsidiaries grouped under ALSYMEX are ISO 9001 V.2015 & EN 9100 V.2018 certified.

The ALSYMEX Quality system relies on:

  • General management rules and procedures detailed in a Quality Manual available upon request
  • Internal operational procedures

Each Program is supported by Management and Quality Plans.