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Defense & Security

ALSYMEX in defense

MegaJoule Laser (LMJ)

The MegaJoule Laser (LMJ) is one of the most important tools within the French Simulation program initiated in 1996 by the CEA in order to perpetuate nuclear deterrence after the decision to stop nuclear tests in the Pacific Ocean. The aim of the program is to simulate the conditions of nuclear fusion with 176 laser beams (22 lines of 8 beams) concentrating their power on a few-millimeters-in-diameter target. Its prototype, LIL, is today the most powerful laser facility operated in Europe.

Involved in the program at a very early stage, ALSYMEX offers innovative solutions and services that meet strict requirements. It is today one of the CEA's main partners in the laser subsystems:

  • Design, manufacture and on-site installation of laser amplifying sections, including opto-mechanical components and associated mechanical infrastructures, following ISO5 to ISO8 cleanliness and vacuum constraints
  • Design, manufacture and on-site installation of LMJ prototype laser diagnostics
  • Design, manufacture and on-site installation of laser transport system
  • Manufacturing of experimental chamber protection panels
  • Manufacturing of adjustable mirrors
  • Manufacturing of key subassemblies of the frequency conversion system
  • Maintenance of various equipment parts of laser chains and experimental hall
  • Operation of “Sol-Gel” optical coating facility

Conventional defense

Manufacturing of parts and complex sub-assemblies for defense OEMs.